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Destinations Mobility Offers A Myriad Of Hand & Foot Driving Controls

We offer a wide range of driver hand and foot controls.
Our custom installations, service and support are tailored to your unique needs.

We install and service all brands on this page. The links below detail just a few of your many options.
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We Offer Custom Fit Hand & Foot Controls To Fit Your Needs!


Sure Grip is North America’s #1 manufacturer of hand controls and driving aids, including steering wheel attachments, foot controls, driving aids for left or right hands, and many more innovative products. The goal of the Suregrip hand control is to have the cleanest install of hand controls. With the ability to customize the mounting hardware to bend around your dash rather than cutting into it, keeps your car looking new.We install and service their full line of mobility products with certified trained technicians.

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Electronic Mobility Controls, LLC, was founded with the single goal of providing individuals with high level disabilities the freedom of mobility.Watch the video below and visit the EMC website for info on the AEVIT 2.0 “Drive by Wire” advanced driving control options available for your vehicle.

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Veigel North America and Mobility Products & Design offer hand controls, foot controls, steering aids, transfer boards, and extension controls of the highest quality and most advanced designs available.

There are many options not shown here, so please visit the Veigel website for their latest products or contact us with any questions.




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Autoadapt/Menox was founded in 1996 and has grown to a world leader of vehicle adaptation solutions for people with reduced or limited mobility. Destinations Mobility is proud to partner with Menox and Autoadapt to provide sales, installation, and service for hand controls, wheelchair lifts, transfer seats, and many more products.

Product Video


MPS Hand Control




The photos above are a recent installation of hand controls by Menox for a Destinations Mobility GMC Yukon customer. Center console push/pull brake and accelerator, steering spinner knob, and a foot pedal guard that detaches easily when the vehicle is driven by a stock driver.