Driver Evaluations

Get Your Custom Wheelchair Van Driver Evaluation At Our Sacramento Showroom Today!

Do you drive? Is gaining or regaining the ability to drive one of your goals?

Our team is ready to assist you with state-of-the-art driver hand controls and transfer seats. And because we’re a 501(c)3 nonprofit division of Paratransit, Inc., we can help get you on the road at prices you’ll find hard to beat. Contact us today with any questions or to set up an appointment.

Driver Evaluation Demonstration Van

Our Dodge Grand Caravan SXT demo van is available for drivers who need hand controls, transfer seats and related mobility equipment. It’s designed to help drivers explore their mobility options.




Demo Van Features

  • Eldorado Amerivan 14″ lowered floor side-entry van conversion with power ramp
  • Quick release driver 6-way power transfer seat
  • Quick release hand controls
  • 5 styles of Menox and SureGrip hand controls
  • SureGrip electronic left foot gas pedal, multiple steering devices and more
  • All available options can be configured to suit your individual needs

Can’t Make It To Sacramento? Our Experts Will Come To You For An At Home Driver Evaluation

Driver Rehabilitation Specialists

This site has an extensive list of links for drivers with disabilities. Get an online form for physician referral to request services, forms for the CA DMV, AARP Driver Safety Program, resources for seniors and much more.

We work closely with Capuchino Therapy Group, formerly known as ISIS Healthcare, in Sacramento for equipment and on-the-road training. They have qualified driver rehab specialists and driving instructors who can assess your needs, develop a plan of care, or provide alternatives to driving. ISIS also works with us to determine the appropriate vehicle, equipment and fit. Follow the links below for more info.


Paratransit, Inc. Mobility Training Program

If you’re not driving yourself — or if it’s time to stop driving — and need help using Paratransit, Inc. and Regional Transit in the Sacramento metro area, Mobility Training can help you stay independent. Through the program, you’ll learn how to:

  • Travel independently
  • Gain a better understanding of the RT system
  • Maneuver your mobility aids on the RT system


Mobility Training is subsidized by Paratransit, Inc., Regional Transit, a federal community service block grant and other funding sources, and is provided to qualified individuals at no cost. Watch the video below for more mobility training info!


Handicap Driver Equipment Evaluations, Rehab & Training