Adapt Solutions Mobility Aids

From Transfer Seats to Power Pull Systems, Adapt Solutions Has Something For You!


Destinations Mobility in Sacramento, CA offers a complete line of quality mobility equipment from Adapt Solutions.From sleek, compact designs for transfer seats to the innovative POWER-PULL system which moves your wheelchair up or down a ramp, Adapt Solutions products are some of the most desirable on the road today. Two of their many products are shown below. Learn about all their products on the Adapt Solutions Website or Contact our Mobility Experts today!

Adapt Solutions LINK Transfer Seat


The newest member to our product line up, the LINK is truly the solution we have all been waiting for. The LINK allows you to have your vehicle, your way. It installs without any structural modification, offering amazing legroom and comfort. It’s the LINK between you and your vehicle.
Tilt, rotate, recline, lift … all the movements you need, at your fingertips. You can use the LINK to lift up once outside the vehicle. The rock function offers unsurpassed comfort inside the vehicle for a customizable and adjustable seated position.
Love your vehicle. Keep the look, comfort, safety features and style of your ride. The LINK is so compact, the original factory installed seat is always used. No lost space. No aftermarket seat. No need to try matching the interior finishes.

Meet the LINK with this Video

Adapt Solutions POWER-PULL

The POWER-PULL is designed to help a wheelchair up the ramp of a lowered floor minivan conversion. Pick up the POWER-PULL hooks and position the wheelchair in front of the ramp. Place the hooks on the wheelchair and then press and hold the IN button. It’’s as simple as that!
The Release button removes all tension on the cable, so you don’’t need to wait for the cable to unroll. Simply pull the hooks to where you need them. No need to worry though, the Release button also has a safety function to keep you safely on track. It will not release the cable if the POWER-PULL is in use.
The POWER-PULL is available for side entry lowered floor minivans or rear entry lowered floor minivans. The unit comes with two wireless keychain remotes with IN, OUT and RELEASE buttons. The RELEASE button allows the cable to unwind freely, making positioning and adjustments that much easier.

Meet the POWER-PULL with this Video

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