Q. How many people and wheelchairs will a rental wheelchair van accommodate?

A: Depending on the wheelchair van conversion in our rental fleet, a minivan will hold a maximum of 5 people plus one person in a wheelchair or 2 people plus two people in wheelchairs. Load capacity of the vehicle is something that we can discuss with you by phone or in person.

Q. Do you deliver rental wheelchair vans to the Sacramento Airport?

A. Yes we do! We offer delivery and pickup of the handicap van to the airport. Call today for pricing.

Q. Do you repair wheelchair vans and commercial wheelchair vans?

A. Yes, our facility is equipped with a state of the art 10-bay garage that has many tools at our disposal to fix your wheelchair ramp van or full-size van with a wheelchair lift. We can also do many of your regular vehicle service maintenance items such as oil change, cabin filters, tire rotation, etc. Call today for pricing.

Q. How often should I have my wheelchair van serviced?

A. Service recommendations vary slightly by manufacturer and how much you use your wheelchair van. Typically we recommend every 3-6 months you make a service appointment to have everything inspected, cleaned, and adjusted. Regular maintenance on your wheelchair van is critical to keeping you on the road. Call today
and make your appointment.

Q. Do you offer financing for a wheelchair van purchase?

A. Yes. We work with you and a network of providers to get you into a handicap van quickly and for a reasonable payment plan. Come on by and fill out a credit application so we can get the process started for you.

Q. Are there any funding sources available to me that will grant me money for a wheelchair van purchase?

A. There are a number of different funding sources available, depending on the circumstances. Many new car manufacturers even offer a mobility rebate program. Call today to discuss your needs and we would be happy to refer you to a funding source that can help you purchase a wheelchair van, hand control, or wheelchair

Q. I don’t need a full blown wheelchair van. Are there any other mobility options available to me to just make my life easier?

A. Yes! We have many options available to modify your vehicle. There are wheelchair and scooter lifts that we can install to the back of your car to help pickup and transport mobility aids. There are seats that come out of the vehicle to make transferring easier. We are always concerned about the person with a disability as well as their primary caregiver. We want to make everyone’s lives safer and easier. Come in today to see what options work best for you and your family.


Please visit us for wheelchair vans, wheelchair lifts and power scooters in Sacramento, CA.